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Queenstown based, virtual consultations available

ConTact C.A.R.E

In our first appointment, we will investigate your past injuries and discover what could be keeping your body in a state of contraction and contributing to your pain and stiffness.

 In the following treatments we will work to reduce pressure within your skeleton to relax your fascia and tissues further. The amount of treatments for full resolution of your injury will depend on what Zoe finds in your session.


Our first consultation is a one hour long deep-dive into your past medical history, current symptoms, and any tests you have had so far. Our second appointment will be the health plan presentation where I will provide nutrition and lifestyle strategies, along with quality supplementation and medicinal herbs. Future follow ups are half an hour where we check in on your progress through the stages of your health plan.


I sustained a reasonably debilitating neck/shoulder/nerve injury lifting weights. On weighty recommendations from several of my peers I sought out Zoe Summers. Zoe was extremely knowledgeable and very intuitive to how best to treat my injury. What was most surprising was how pain free the treatment was, in stark contrast to the more traditional treatments.
Having sat on the fence in terms of Naturopathic remedies for years, and even more recently through observing the progress of my peers. I can now, with first hand experience, attest to the effectiveness of ConTact C.A.R.E
5 stars Zoe, Thank you.
Rod M
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