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I grew up on a dairy farm in the Hauraki Plains. I was heavily involved in sports throughout my younger years, which saw me playing at both regional and national tournaments for multiple sports. The outdoors is my happy place, when I'm not in clinic, I'm out hiking, surfing, and moving my body.

I first pursued a Bachelor of Sports Coaching down in Christchurch at the University of Canterbury, double majoring in Strength and Conditioning with Nutrition and Leadership. I worked as a Strength & Conditioning Coach for 2 years with the University rugby teams. Although it was a heap of fun, I knew something was missing.

During this time, my health suffered greatly. Unexplained mental health issues, poor energy, bone-deep fatigue, poor recovery which impacted my performance at training and tournaments, insomnia, and issues with my menstrual cycle - all in the space of 3 months. That year taught me so much about myself and how quickly your health can change due to the basics not being met. 


After seeking out support from a Naturopath, I was shocked to feel most of my symptoms subside within 3 weeks - my energy, mood, and sleep improved, and my cycle regulated by the end of the year. I was happy, but also perplexed that there wasn't more information about this incredible profession. My generation, and countless more before me, missed out on learning about our wonderous female body.

This was what inspired me to become a naturopath, so I can educate the masses about women's physiology - a concept that's sorely missing in our New Zealand curriculum. 

If there's anything I've learnt over the years, it's this: we are not built to sustain high stress environments. Whether it be emotional, mental, physical, or spiritual. We cannot thrive in this 'constant productivity' culture. We need our community, the education, and connection to our roots. We need our power returned. Do not wait for a diagnosis to get the support you need. 

Zoe Summers
Green tea


University of Canterbury 


Qualified Strength & Conditioning Coach

South Pacific College of Natural Medicine


NHMNZ registered Naturopath

Qualified Contact C.A.R.E Practitioner 

Founded by Dale Speedy and Kym Summers in Ngatea, New Zealand.

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