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What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a branch of complementary medicine which focuses on the prevention of disease or illness. My job is to find the underlying root cause of your symptoms or condition and use lifestyle and nutrition modification, quality supplementation and herbal prescription, and mindset coaching to help support the body's self-healing ability.

Every body holds the innate wisdom needed to heal. You know your body best! My role is to facilitate your healing, to educate, and help you achieve a balanced and healthy state where the body can self-repair.

This work is not a magic pill. It takes work to change and create a sustainable lifestyle where you feel and perform your best.

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Naturopathic Principles

1. Primum non nocere

First, do no harm

2. Vis medicatrix naturae

The Healing Power of Nature

3. Tolle causam

Identify and treat the Causes

4. Docere

Doctor as Teacher

5. Praevenic



When will I see results?

Every body is different, and will depend on the condition or symptoms. Your compliance to the plan and suggestions will provide faster results, however I like to work with my clients for at least 3-6 months. You may have 5-7 follow ups in this time.

Do you offer online consultations?

I see clients in-person in Queenstown, New Zealand, and offer telehealth consultations for clients all around New Zealand and Australia.

How much does it cost?

This depends on your current health and level of inflammation. I take cost into consideration when forming your treatment plan and scale things back to work on the most significant health concern first. Small steps always wins.

Is there anything I can do prior to seeing you?

If you want to book in with me but can't for what ever reason, then I recommend downloading both of my nutrition eBooks. In these eBooks I provide you with everything I teach my current clients! They are the most cost-effective way of working with me if you cannot book in for a full consultation just yet. Nutrition is a main pillar of my practice and this will give you a great headstart. 

I can't recommend Zoe enough! She helped me navigate gut, thyroid and fertility issues. We are now 13weeks pregnant naturally after failed IVF. She's never judgmental and continues to adapt with us.
Hayley T
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